Why You Need A Detox?

  • 16-Jan-2020   
  • | Alix Cherif-Cheikh
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After the long and fun period of holiday parties and festivities, it is very common to hear the term “detox” all around you. But what does detox really mean?

A detox is not a diet but rather it is a regime that favors plants, purifying, fruits, vegetables and drinks. To achieve a more successful detox, it is necessary to prioritize the products that are organic because it will be free from chemicals, dyes, preservatives or pesticides. This will help manage a healthy detox. But why should you really detox in the first place?

The skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, and intestines are organs that take care of eliminating toxins from our body. However, our busy lifestyles in a fast-paced modern city exposes us to harmful agents such as pesticides, additives, preservatives, pollution, alcohol, tobacco and even stress. We fail to eat clean and healthy thus consuming junk food that enters our system and are of no good effect. In these cases, our organs become saturated and have a hard time eliminating the toxins from our systems. This will be reflected on the skin (acne, exzema), and may cause digestive problems, allergies or a weakened immune system. Detox will prevent all these problems by purifying your organism.

In addition to helping your organs, you'll also see results on your hair, nails and skin tone! Detox will also help you feel better and with more energy. If you have successfully completed your detox, you will feel in better shape and your digestion will be easier. When you detox, you wake up feeling vital, vibrant, alive, joyful, and full of energy. In short, you will feel lighter!

A friendly AloDawaa reminder to consult a physician before attempting to detox. It is important to understand what detox method works for every individual depending on regimens that would suit your health condition!

Alix is a young business student from Paris, France with a passion for cosmetics and food.

Alix Cherif-Cheikh