Learn Why Your Clothes May Be The Reason For Your Acne

  • 17-Oct-2019   
  • | Darshana Dinesh Kumar
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While you may try hard to prevent acne, they tend to get to the best of us. It can feel like there is no avoiding them, but in fact, there are certain things that you are doing which can cause breakouts or not help when trying to get rid of them. Like acne on the face, acne on the chest and back occurs due to sebum and dead skin cells clogging the hair follicle. Although body can acne develop the same way as acne on other parts of the body, there are many factors that cause people to break out on their back and chest. Acne triggered by irritation is termed as Mechina whereas acne on the back is termed as Bacne. Bacne can be a result of unwashed sweat mixing with natural oils and other toxins on the skin. This further leads to clogged pores and irritation.

One of the many reasons for acne on back and chest is irritation caused by pressure and friction, there are certain things that you are probably doing wrong like carrying a backpack around can cause acne to flare up due to the constant pressure and rubbing that happens along your shoulders and back. To avoid carrying heavy bags try to distribute weight evenly or carry lesser things! Another factor is sweaty gym-wear. If you can’t always avoid certain situations, at least you are aware of the reasons causing your breakouts. The type of clothes you wear can also result in acne. For instance, tight clothes do not allow skin to breath which can lead to sweat getting trapped and some in contact with natural body oil. Synthetic fabrics too can trap in sweat very easily, leading to clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads.

Personal hygiene also plays a vital role in avoiding body acne. Simple things like showering right after a workout will instantly wash off all the sweat. Moreover, washing bedsheets and changing pillow covers regularly is also important. Bedsheets and pillows tend to absorb dirt and natural oils released from your body. Hence your used clothes as well as bedding can easily transfer dirt and bacteria into hair follicles which overtime can cause clogs or infections.

A couple of everyday things to keep in mind to avoid body acne:

1. Wearing Clothes/Undergarments that are Too Tight

Wearing clothes and undergarment that are too tight can cause rubbing that can lead to irritation and potential acne on your back or shoulders. You may need to buy loose undergarments and avoid tight clothing.

2. Wearing Sweaty Clothes

Whether you've just come from a workout or it's just the middle of the scorching hot summer, being sweaty and not showering can lead to acne, so shower up and slip into something clean as soon as possible. Sweat and friction from your gym clothes can cause a blockage to your sweat glands. To avoid the problem, wear breathable, quick-drying fabrics with a looser fit. A great recommendation is to sprinkle some body powder before you put on your exercise gear.

3. Wearing Fabrics That Don't Breathe

Fabrics that are too clingy or don't breathe well tend to trap heat which can cause acne in the long run. So, wear those tight pants sparingly and avoid fabrics like, polyester, rayon and spandex blends.

4. Not Washing Your Undergarment Often Enough

Not washing undergarments (straps or elastic) can trap oils, dirt and grime, and wearing that can cause breakouts. Clean your clothes often on a regular basis.

5. Using The Wrong Detergent

According to AES Acne Clinic, scented detergents can aggravate the skin (http://www.aesacnetreatmentsf.com/index.html) especially if you're prone to acne in the first place. They recommend using a fragrance-free detergent such as Tide Free to avoid effects of acne.

Darshana Dinesh Kumar