Cupping Therapy

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Cupping Therapy is a complementary and alternative Chinese technique that has found its place in the modern world of holistic healing. The treatment uses round-shaped glass cups that are placed on the body using heat or suctioning out the air in order to release toxins and rid the body of everyday ailments. While you may see some redness at the end of the session, the marks are as a result of dead blood coming to the surface as a way of creating blood flow in the area to promote healing. Cupping produces incredible results to those who experience its subtle power that creates suction and negative pressure to drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.

A 2011 report published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that the most profound benefits of cupping therapy is mitigating chronic pain be it of the joints or muscles. It’s also a form of treatment that is well-regarded by many athletes as a useful tool for deep tissue massage that naturally improves their performance and a therapeutic approach to treat injuries, reduce muscle soreness, cramps, and stiffness.

Types of Cupping Therapy

The three main cupping methods include:

  • Dry Cupping – Involves placing cups in areas of the skin where there’s pain and inflammation and using a pump, the air is removed by suction to draw blood and fluid away from these parts to the surface of the skin. Numerous cups can be applied at any one time and left no longer than 10-15 minutes in order to avoid any blistering from occurring.
  • Wet Cupping – Also known as Hijama, this method is used after Dry Cupping has been performed for 3-5 minutes where small lesions are made on the skin followed by re-application of the cups using suction in order to extract the toxic accumulated blood. Strenuous physical exercise should be limited for 24 hours after treatment,
  • Moving Cupping – It involves using a generous amount of black seed or olive oil and using a light tension, the suctioned cups are then be moved around the skin with a sliding, circular and long movements.

Side Effects

Cupping Therapy can treat a plethora of health problems to promote overall health by way of rejuvenating failing meridians and internal organs. Aside from a sensation of tightness and heat on the areas that are being treated, including the harmless circular marks on the skin that fade completely within days, cupping therapy seems to have no risks. However, the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, including individuals who are prone to easy bruising as well as those with bleeding disorders, skin infections, as well as burns.

Cupping can help alleviate wide-ranging ailments associated with poor lymphatic circulation and can also help with cellulite reduction, improving blood flow, in the restoration of skin health, immunity, and digestion. As such, you should first talk with your physician to see if cupping is right for you, and it is, do your research and find a licensed practitioner. 

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