Don't Let These Beauty Myths Fool You!

  • 05-Nov-2019   
  • | Alix Cherif - Cheikh
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The state of our skin can reveal a lot about the state of our health. The way we look after it plays a huge part in how it appears on the surface and we do not mean only the application of store-bought products and home remedies. It can be very tricky to know what is right and what is not with so much information readily available at our fingertips today.

Read on as we bust 5 beauty myths that might have had you fooled before!

1. All your skincare products need to be from the same brand

It's a common belief that when it comes to skincare, mixing different lines can cause irritation or the products won't work as effectively without their which matching partners, but this is not the case when you are using completely natural skincare products. Different organic brands excel in different areas, which can work together for great results; the trick is to find the combination that's right for you. A well-formulated product from any skin care line will work with a product from any another brand as long as they are appropriate for your skin type.

2. Age is skin type

For some reason, it's a common thought that once you get to a certain age, usually at some point after 40 or 50, you automatically have a 'mature' skin type and require only anti-ageing products. No matter what age, you can have dry, sensitive, combination, normal or oily skin and should continue using products accordingly. If signs of ageing are a concern, you can slowly incorporate the appropriate products like a natural eye cream and serum as needed but there is no need to overhaul your routine with a line for 'mature' or 'ageing' skin.

3. You should Never put oil on oily skin

Not only does oily skin need hydration, but using a natural face oil who cleansing and moisturising can actually help the skin to produce less oil in the long run. This is because people with oily, or acne prone skin often use harsh cleansers and other products to dry up the oil, which causes the skin to overcompensate, producing more oil. Plus, did you know that oil actually dissolves oil?! If you have oily skin or suffer from breakouts, opt for products containing lemon, bergamot, rosemary, evening primrose or pomegranate oils.

4. You can Shrink your Pores

Sadly, there is no way to change the shape of your pores. They are what they are. However, you can make your pores appear smaller temporarily with the right products. A good pore refining product can tighten the skin which will reduce the appearance of pores. Also, things like blackheads can make pores appear larger as well, so be sure to make regular visits to your dermatologist for professional extractions.

5. Cleaning your face with soap and water will prevent the onset of acne

Many people sadly believe this is true, however when it comes to washing your face you cannot just get away with a simple soap and water scrub. Soap and water will remove natural oils from your face and leave it defenseless, this can lead to irritation and burns. It is advisable to use an appropriate cleanser and moisturizer to follow up your cleansing routine.

Alix is a young business student from Paris, France with a passion for cosmetics and food.

Alix Cherif - Cheikh